Sunday, January 04, 2009

Craddick Pulls Out

Tom Craddick withdraws from speaker's race


Christy Hoppe
The Dallas Morning News
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Karen Brooks reports from the site of a meeting with Craddick and his top lieutenants that Rep. Will Hartnett, R-Dallas, confirmed just now that Craddick has ended his bid for a fourth term as House speaker.

While Joe Straus has released the names of 85 members who support him, Hartnett said that Craddick-backers are discussing other alternatives -- including throwing support to John Smithee of Amarillo.

Smithee is well-respected by many members, but Hartnett was asked what would make members switch candidates now that Straus has their pledges?'

"There will be tremendous pressure on the Republicans to come back where they belong," Hartnett said.

Apparently, there is some feeling that Straus is not conservative enough.

That said, Craddick pulled up in his car in front of the Austin restaurant where they are all meeting, saw the gaggle of press folks, and then took off with the car wheels screeching. He rounded the corner and stopped at the side door of the restaurant where he jumped out and rushed through the door before the intrepid, but winded reporters could reach him.

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