Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"The Hairspray Hate-Off."

Rick Perry, Populist


By Richard Connelly
The Houston Press
Copyright 2009

The sparring has already begun in earnest in what will likely be the most entertaining Texas governor's race since Clayton Williams was cracking rape jokes.

Kay Bailey Hutchison vs. Rick Perry. The Hairspray Hate-Off.

Things got ugly when one of Hutchison's supporters, the head of UT's investment board, resigned because he paid bonuses to the fund's executives even though the fund lost 27 percent of its value this year.

She accused Perry of orchestrating "a set-up" to embarrass Robert Rowling.

Perry responded by criticizing Hutchison for being in Texas giving speeches instead of in DC. (Snap!)

And he doubled down on his criticism of Rowling, who gave a $1 million bonus to an employee making $500,000 a year.

"In times like these, the idea that you give what most citizens out there would think -- a million dollar bonus on top of a $500,000 salary -- is an obscene amount of money," Perry said.

Rick Perry thinks millionaires have an obscene amount of money? This is news.
We heartily applaud the birth of Rick Perry, Fightin' Populist. We expect to hear "Every Man a King" at every campaign appearance from now on.

Bob Perry, the homebuilder who is no relation to the governor, regularly donates mightily to his election campaigns. We also believe he makes more than a million dollars a year. The governor will no doubt be returning all the "obscene" money he's receieved in donations, any day now.

This is going to be one entertaining GOP primary, people.

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