Thursday, February 19, 2009

"I'll continue to boycott toll routes."

'Texas tollways are a scam.'


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Paying a toll ... and more

I made the huge mistake of using a Texas toll road without a TxTag. I received a bill in the mail and paid it via personal check, but the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority did not credit my account even though the check cleared my bank.

When I called, officials told me that I have to prove that I paid. That requires paying my bank for a copy of my check. It would cost me more to fight this than pay again. They also charged me an extra $1 for the second bill they sent.

Texas tollways are a scam.

Shelley McCarthy

Re: Feb. 11 letter "Make the toll road scofflaws pay."

My blood is boiling, too, but not over the tolls (even though I'm opposed to them). It boils over the arrogance of the designers who failed to place cash lanes at the toll booths.

I'd be glad to pay for the few toll rides I take, but why should I be forced to have an account? Until I can pay cash, I'll continue to boycott toll routes.

Ritchie Mintz

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