Thursday, April 02, 2009

Senate Bill would pull the plug on TxDOT's $9 million 'Keep Texas Moving' toll road marketing campaign

No more ads praising toll roads

Keep Taxes Moving


Terrence Stutz
The Dallas Morning News
Copyright 2009

Texas senators on Thursday said they no longer want to see state money spent on commercials extolling the virtues of toll roads. The bill by Sen. John Carona, R-Dallas, said the Texas Deparment of Transportation can no longer engage in "marketing, advertising or other activities for the purpose of influencing public opinion about the use of toll roads or the use of tolls as a financial mechanism" to build highways.

Carona's bill, which now goes to the House, was sparked by the $4.5 million Keep Texas Moving campaign that promoted toll roads across Texas - despite their unpopularity among many lawmakers and residents in the path of proposed toll roads. The campaign, funded by the transportation department, was originally supposed to receive up to $9 million for ads and other promotional materials.

If the bill passes the House, the agency could only spend money on advertising and marketing to provide information on the status of pending or ongoing toll projects.

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