Saturday, June 06, 2009

"At best, the Texas Congress remains inept and special interest driven..."

These are times of desperation


Peter Stern
Somervell County Salon
Copyright 2009

Leaders in the Senate and House typify the process. Sen. Steve Ogden, powerful Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, is considering his retirement.

An article in the Austin American-Statesman highlights a positive view of Ogden and of the Senate and House, whether or not those points of view are accurate, should be left up to Texas taxpayers and voters.

If Ogden and others work in the best interests of Texas, as they continue to claim, why are the urgent issues still paramount without resolution?

Why do Texans pay the highest property taxes PROPORTIONATELY in the nation?

Why to homeowners pay the highest insurance premiums in the nation bar none?

Why is the state still pushing toll roads for their special interests and not approving other more cost-effective means for building and maintaining our roadways?

Why does public education remain in such dire straits both in learning outcomes and in its financing, with the majority 70% of the financing coming from local property taxes and NOT from state taxes, as authorized and documented by the state constitution?

Why do lawmakers continue to develop, approve and pass into laws bills that clearly remain unfinished or distorted in some manner without ensuring the new laws remain in the best interests of the Texas community? In one case scenario, this time the House forgot $2 Billion in federal stimulus money that could have gone to transportation.

There is an alternate view that at best the Texas Congress remains inept and special interest driven and all the bi-partisan antics within the House and Senate are geared towards that end and NOT for what is best for the Texas community.

There seem to be very few heroes in our legislature, mostly fleas. So, is Sen. Ogden a hero or a flea?

Sometimes it is difficult to make a proper decision when so many doors to our legislative system remain closed to the public. Are lawmakers powerful people? Yes. Do they serve in the best interest of the Texas community? That response should be left up to your discretion.

Certainly, on many levels, changes are needed within our legislative system that offer more protection to the people of Texas.

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