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"Customers are getting charged double. For others, the charge goes through on the bank end, but shows 'invalid transaction' on the Tx Tag account."

TxDOT toll payment glitch affects hundreds

computer glitch


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Some Central Texas drivers are finding out that money they put into their toll road accounts is simply not there. TxDOT blames the problem on a computer glitch that began a month ago.

Michael Miller points out his attempt at the beginning of the month to reload his toll tag, "there it is, right there, Texas Tag 30 bucks."

Miller's bank account reflected the charge, but it did not register with TxDOT.

"Then where is the money? They're not able to clearly define where the money is at. I don't know what to do at this point. It's very frustrating. I thought it's probably not just happening to me, it's happening to a number of people,” he said.

He was right. TxDOT Spokesperson Kelli Petras says a computer glitch has affected 360 transactions in Central Texas in the past month. Some customers are getting charged double while for others, the charge goes through on the bank end, but shows “invalid transaction” on the Tx Tag account.

"We're taking time to review all of the transactions for that day that paid with a debit or credit card and making sure that their account balance is correct,” Petras said.

If an error is found, Petras says customer service will contact the account holder. It's such a time consuming process that those affected must wait ten days before getting a refund.

"We're actively figuring out what's wrong with the software so we can fix this,” she said.

Tuesday was day eleven for Miller.

"I use the toll ways every day coming to and from work and it's been a big hassle,” he said.

There is a chance you will find the error before TxDOT does. Petras advises to check your account and if there are problems, call the customer service line at 1-888-GO-TX-TAG or 468-9824. Out of 12 thousand dollars in failed transactions, eight thousand have been refunded.

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