Sunday, September 06, 2009

Annual commute on North Texas toll roads jumps to $1400

Toll Road Revolt

Allen Man Protests Recent NTTA Rate Hike


Shana Franklin
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Fred Hall of Allen drives almost 150 miles a day to and from work in Hurst. Much of his commute is on toll roads, but the single father of two is boycotting those toll roads for one work week starting tomorrow. He's asking others to do the same in protest of the NTTA's rate hike that started September first. Fred Hall says, "Too many people are hurting financially because of the economy. I do not believe it is right for them to go ahead and do this."

Fred Hall says the cost of his annual commute will jump from about $1100 to $1400. It's a price he says is too high, despite the NTTA's claim the hike is needed to maintain a financially viable system of roadways. Fred Hall says, "We're hoping if we can get the attention of the NTTA board members that they will back down and not do this increase."

An NTTA spokesperson issued a statement today in response to our inquiries about the boycott. It says, "The NTTA understands people have a choice when they drive, and we hope they select NTTA roads for their value in time savings, and for the high-quality, well-maintained and safe driving experience they receive."

We talked to a handful of drivers who use toll roads today. Driver Kohshean Kuda says, "Would I boycott it? No. But I think somebody should at least." Fred Hall's idea was a popular one, but according to many, not perfect. Driver Asia Williams says, "I don't know if it's plausible because there are so many people who need to take it and not to mention it's gonna make it worse for all the other roads to go on, so I think it's just kinda gonna make a big mess out of it."

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