Tuesday, September 22, 2009

T. Boone Pickens backs Perry's eminent domain

A 'Boone' for Gov. Rick Perry's campaign

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Todd J. Gillman
The Dallas Morning News
Copyright 2009

Legendary oilman T. Boone Pickens has endorsed Rick Perry's bid for another term as governor, the Perry campaign announced.

Pickens, the founder and chairman of Dallas-based BP Capital Management, has spent the last year promoting the "Pickens plan" to wean this country from dependence on foreign oil, taking pains to go bipartisan. But when it comes to politics, he's probably best known for the $3 million he forked over to bankroll the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth -- the outfit that set out to discredit Democratic presidential nomiinee John Kerry's Vietnam service during the 2004 campaign.

In July, Pickens said he'd stay out of partisan politics in 2010, but I just looked more closely at his precise promise. He said he'd steer clear of 3d party attack groups (to avoid alienating potential allies on his energy policy crusade). He never said he'd stay out of intraparty fights like the one Perry is engaged in with Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Quick check of federal campaign records shows that Pickens and his family have donated about $44,000 through the years to Hutchison's senatorial campaigns.

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