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"It’s clear that this announcement is all for show, and as was reported just today, Rick Perry still supports the TTC."

Hutchison Campaign Statement On Rick Perry’s Trans-Texas Corridor

October 06, 2009

Texans for Kay Bailey Hutchison
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Austin, TX – In another election-driven, hyper-political move, Rick Perry’s Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is claiming that they will officially kill the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC), which would have required the government to seize nearly 600,000 acres of private land and leased our highways to a foreign company.

However, this is not the first time TxDOT – the most arrogant agency in state government – has said they killed the TTC. It’s clear that this announcement is all for show, and as was reported just today, Rick Perry still supports the TTC.

Statement from the Hutchison campaign:

“The Trans-Texas Corridor will not be officially dead until Rick Perry is no longer governor and his political appointees are no longer running TxDOT. Texans can’t trust Rick Perry when it comes to protecting their land from the government, ceasing to lease our highways to foreign companies or ending the Trans-Texas Corridor,” – Joe Pounder, Deputy Communications Director

Rick Perry And TxDOT Have Previously Misled Voters When They Claimed The Trans-Texas Corridor No Longer Existed:

The Houston Chronicle Just Today Reported That “Perry Continues To Support The Concept” Of The TTC. “Hutchison, in appearances with Dierschke, attacked Perry's Trans-Texas Corridor proposal and promised to kill it if elected. Transportation officials have halted specific projects, but Perry continues to support the concept.(R.G. Ratcliffe, “Endorsement Of Hutchison Could Be Costly,” The Houston Chronicle, 10/6/09)

  • The Last Time TxDOT Claimed The TTC Was Dead, Rick Perry Said It Was Just A Name Change. “Gov. Rick Perry, talking from Iraq to reporters, suggested that the Texas Department of Transportation's decision to pull the plug on one of his biggest initiatives -- the Trans Texas Corridor -- was mostly a name change, and that public-private partnerships on toll roads would continue. ‘The name “Trans Texas Corridor” is over with. We're going to continue to build roads in the state of Texas,’ Perry said. He said toll roads will continue to play a major role in highway planning because there are limited ways to get infrastructure funding.” (Christy Hoppe, “Perry: TxDOT Killed Trans Texas Corridor Name, Not Initiative,” The Dallas Morning News, 1/6/09)
  • NBC DFW: “The Texas Department Of Transportation Said The [Trans Texas-Corridor] Is Dead, But Perry Told Reporters It's Alive And Well.” “The TTC was a multi-billion dollar plan to build toll roads, rail lines and highways across Texas. The TTC was also a hot button issue with conservative voters, many opposing the project for various reason. The Texas Department of Transportation said the project is dead, but Perry told reporters it's alive and well, but the project's name has changed.” (Omar Villafranca, “Hutchison Pressing Hot Button Issue In Latest Jab At Perry,” NBC DFW,, 8/13/09)
Rick Perry Has A Record Of Broken Promises On Private Property Rights Having Previously Promised To Support A 2007 Eminent Domain Reform Bill Only To Veto It. “The Farm Bureau gave a lukewarm endorsement to Perry in his 2006 re-election campaign, saying he generally had been good for agriculture, but the group was upset with his support of the Trans-Texas Corridor highway proposal that would have taken thousands of acres of farmland. The split with the group widened in 2007 when Perry vetoed eminent domain legislation to limit the taking of private property. Farm Bureau President Kenneth Dierschke said Perry had promised the bureau the eminent domain bill would pass and then vetoed it. ‘We expect, if Rick wins, we will have to pay. But we are paying as we go forward now. We've endorsed him in the last two elections, and we haven't seen any positive movement from Rick,’ Dierschke said.” (R.G. Ratcliffe, “Endorsement Of Hutchison Could Be Costly,” The Houston Chronicle, 10/6/09)

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