Thursday, November 19, 2009

“Texans have risen up by the tens of thousands saying no to the sale of roads to private foreign toll operators...Perry continues to be tone deaf ."

New Push for Toll Roads in Texas?

Critics see it in recent comments made by the Governor.


Bill O'Neal
Copyright 2009

There’s no two ways about it—Governor Rick Perry sees trouble ahead.

“One of the problems is we do not have the dollars that we need to build all the transportation infrastructure needs that we have” the Governor said in a recent stop at a school in Dallas, adding “Hopefully, when we come back in 2011, both the citizens and their elected officials will come to a stronger realization that we’re going to have to expand our ability to raise some dollars…”

Perry never used the word “toll” but critics will tell you they can hear it loud and clear.

“Under his watch, it has been these sweetheart deals—50-year deals—that will cost commuters 75-cents a mile to drive Texas highways” said Terri Hall with Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom, a group that has stood strongly against toll roads in recent years.

“Texans have risen up by the tens of thousands to tell him (Perry) no both to the Trans-Texas Corridor and to the sale of our Texas roads to these private foreign toll operators—and yet he continues to be tone deaf to what the Texas people have told him they want” Hall added. She said a properly applied gas tax increase would be a much more effective method of raising the needed cash.

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