Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"No matter which one of these two wins the GOP Primary in March, the Trans Texas Corridor is still very much alive."

The TTC is alive


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DMN political writer Wayne Slater wrote an article yesterday about Kay Bailey Hutchison’s campaign donations from a corporation that builds toll roads.

Kay Bailey Hutchison has railed against the Trans-Texas Corridor, but she counts one of the state’s premiere toll-road builders among her major financial contributors.

Bartell Zachry, whose San Antonio-based construction company partnered with the Spanish company Cintra to develop the multi-billion transportation project, gave Hutchison $25,000, according to a campaign finance report filed with the state.

Hutchison campaign spokeswoman Jen Baker said the senator was happy to accept money from the toll-road builder, even though she has denounced the Trans-Texas Corridor as a land grab and has pledged to curb toll-road construction if she’s elected governor. [Emphasis added].

Notice it says “curb”, not end toll road construction. But the most illuminating analysis of this article are competing GOP’er blogs on this.

First a pro-KBH blog shows where Perry stands, Watch Your Tenses.

Rick’s spokesman responded to this development with a disturbing choice of words:

Perry campaign spokesman Mark Miner said Hutchison is being hypocritical.

“The senator criticizes the project, yet she has no hesitation taking money from the company building the project,” Miner said.

“Building the project”?

Don’t you mean “that was going to build the project”?

Because the Trans-Texas Corridor is “dead”… Right?


And here’s the pro-Rick take on the Kay’s corporate cash.

Here is my theory on what happened here… Rick’s TTC already got shot down… so the company that was to have built the TTC is thinking the only way to get it built is with a different governor who also believes in the project… but the new governor will be able to roll it out better than Rick did in terms of public relations. Let’s face it, Rick’s peeps did as bad a job on that as anyone could ever do…

Zachry though is thinking Kay is a blank slate and she will be able to get it through because they will be much quieter about it and just build it in pieces without a lot of fanfare… that’s why the company responsible for the Trans Texas Corridor is giving Kay such a large sum of money.

I wonder if this big donation has anything to do with Kay pulling down her advertisements about toll roads and replacing them with her border security commercials…

Ah, corporate toll roads repackaged and sold to us by KBH. All of this goes to show, that no matter which one of these two wins the GOP Primary in March, the TTC is still very much alive.

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