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"There’s no doubt Medina is riding the wave of discontent with the political establishment."


Medina becoming a factor in Texas


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Raleigh, N.C.– Rick Perry continues to hold onto a double-digit lead in the Republican
Primary for Governor of Texas but the biggest story may be that Debra Medina is coming on strong.

Perry is at 39% to 28% for Kay Bailey Hutchison and 24% for Medina.

There are major splits within the race along ideological lines. Perry is at 42% with conservatives, and Medina is now outpolling Hutchison with them by a 25-23 margin. Hutchison cleans up with moderates, leading Perry 49-29, but unfortunately for her prospects they account for only 20% of GOP primary voters.

One finding in the poll helps sum up the mood in the country right now and may give a
clue as to why Hutchison is having so much trouble. Asked whether they trust Austin or
Washington politicians more to solve Texas’ problems, state level politicians win out by a margin of 78-3.

There’s no doubt Medina is riding the wave of discontent with the political establishment.

She actually leads the race, 37-32 over Perry, with the third of primary voters who
Disapprove of Washington politicians. With those who are happy she trails well behind at 17%.

“The big question for Debra Medina is whether there’s enough unhappy voters out there for her to get into a runoff with Rick Perry,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “That would rank up there with the results of the Massachusetts Senate election as an early shocker in the 2010 political season.”

There is less drama on the Democratic side- Bill White leads Farouk Shami 49-19.

PPP surveyed 400 likely Democratic primary voters and 423 likely Republican primary voters from February 4th to 7th. The margin of error for the Democratic survey is +/- 4.9% and for the Republicans it’s +/-4.8%. Other factors, such as refusal to be interviewed and weighting, may introduce additional error that is more difficult to quantify.

Complete results are attached and can be found at www.publicpolicypolling.com.

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