Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"The Waxahachie Daily Light wrote against the TTC ... before an Australian media conglomerate bought out WDL’s corporate daddy in Dallas."

Trans-Texas Corridor = Loop 9:

Proof the Waxahachie Daily Light Covers Up for Their Pro-TTC Masters


by JoeyGDauben
Ellis County Observer
Copyright 2010

The Waxahachie Daily Light [WDL] once wrote a lot of material against the Trans-Texas Corridor. That was before an Australian media conglomerate bought out WDL’s corporate daddy in Dallas.

Loop 9 is a TTC project. Loop 9, unless a candidate was quoted as saying anything about it, has not been reported about, mentioned or even hinted at anywhere in the WDL or its “parakeet” papers – Midlothian’s Mirror; Ellis County Chronicle; etc.

Loop 9 was left off a toll road moratorium bill — one of six projects — thanks to an amendment tacked on by state Sen. Royce West, D-Dallas.

Loop 9 is a Cintra-Zachry project; six lanes of traffic are proposed. Loop 9 has not been reported about in the WDL, and I understand why: the media in this state don’t want you to know that TxDOT has changed the name of the TTC into groupings of smaller, more decentralized projects (i.e., the I-69 Corridor=TTC), as their commissioners meet each month to discuss (I was at one of them, I know) to break apart the TTC into smaller “projects.”

It’s obvious from the silence of the once-anti-TTC WDL that their corporate/TTC masters and pimps have all but shut up their “hoes” in the news room.

Hence the reason Loop 9 has not been mentioned.

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