Monday, February 07, 2011

"Aren't Rick Perry and Charlie Geren the ones who helped make Texas the eminent domain capital of the United States? "

What's the catch?


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We wondered this very thing as we read the Fort Worth Star-Telegram article concerning SB 18 touting Rick Perry and Charlie Geren as supporters fast-tracking the bill. Aren't Rick Perry and Charlie Geren the ones who helped create the eminent domain capital of the United States?

Charlie Geren got House Bill 2639 passed without many knowing what it was. In an article we came across recently, he stated Kay Granger had asked for it. In the same article, her people promptly denied that. Remember what Kelo does the same thing-eminent domain for economic development. Think Trinity River Vision.

Rick Perry tried to force the biggest land grab in history (things are bigger in Texas), for the Trans Texas Corridor.

We received a couple of emails this afternoon explaining the catch...One simply said, Perry is trying to look more conservative for 2012. (Again, Lord help us).

The other is asking for your help. So, please help! Property owners in Texas thank you in advance.

YOU could be next.
Texas Senate to Vote on Eminent Domain bill
Calls Needed
The Texas Senate will vote on the fast-tracked eminent domain bill, SB 18, tomorrow. It's a railroad job. This bill does NOTHING to fix Kelo. This bill still allows eminent domain for "blight" and "economic development." Your Texas Senators need to hear from YOU! Texans need to say ANY eminent domain bill that fails to provide protection from Kelo is UNACCEPTABLE and a ruse!

In the meantime, ask your members of the House to put some language in the House version that will give landowners genuine protection from Kelo abuses as well as protection from stealing Texans' land in the name of a road project and handing it to a private, for-profit, foreign toll operator for 50 years using...

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