Thursday, December 01, 2005

Prop 1 and 9 were very unpopular in House Transportation Committee Chairman's back yard

Coupland election results

December 1, 2005

By Susan Garry
Taylor Daily Press
Copyright 2005

For the Nov. 8 election, nearly one-third of Coupland area voters turned out to vote on the constitutional propositions.

Proposition 1 will create a rail fund to enable the financing of moving Union Pacific freight from Austin to a new or expanded rail line, and financing the 6-track rail element of the Trans-Texas Corridor, possibly in the Coupland/ Taylor area.

Coupland voters opposed Prop. 1, 228 to 34.

Proposition 9, which would have expanded the terms of Regional Mobility Authorities, failed in Coupland, 212 to 35.

Both Props 1 and 9 were defeated by Williamson County as a whole. Proposition 9 was defeated state-wide. Unfortunately for the area residents who are concerned about the negative impacts of expanded rail in our area, Prop.1 was approved state-wide. However, right now, Prop. 1 has created an empty fund. There will not be any money in it until and unless the Legislature acts in 2007.

Other things may happen between now and then that can help us protect our area from being split up by these rail proposals.

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