Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Anti-toll press conference: Response to 121 "toll conversion."

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CorridorWatch.org members know that along with the pursuit of the Trans-Texas Corridor, TxDOT is also forcing local communities to create more and more toll roads.

Some of those projects were originally planned and developed as free roads, using your tax dollars. The conversion of those projects, just as they open, to toll roads, is a double tax.

A toll is a tax no matter how you cut it.

The latest of these last minute "conversions to toll" is SH 121 in the North Dallas area. The opening ceremonies were held today at Coppell Middle School, 120 Natches Trace, Coppell, Texas, and the VIPs include Rick Perry and Ric Williamson.

Now TxDOT claims a technical problem with the tolling equipment will delay the collection of tolls until after the November election.

On the day that the tolls were set to begin, August 31, an anti-toll press conference will be held at 2:00 pm at the Vista Point Business Park, 405 SH 121, Lewisville, featured speakers will be organizer Randy Jennings, founder of Stop121Tolls.com, and Texas State Comptroller Carole
Keeton Strayhorn, Independent Candidate for Governor.

CorridorWatch.org members who attend these events will draw attention to the opposition to these projects. There will be a lot of media at each event. Show them what we think about double-tax toll conversion, let Rick and Ric know we don't like the idea and support our anti-toll friends in the SH 121 area on Thursday, August 31, at 2:00pm in Lewisville.

2:00 pm Thursday August 31
Vista Point Business Park
405 SH-121, Lewisville

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