Thursday, August 17, 2006

More Quid Pro Toll from North Texas Politicians

Perry’s backing of outer loop cheered

Aug. 17, 2006

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
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Metroplex leaders say they’re thrilled that Gov. Rick Perry has written a letter endorsing the plan to create an outer loop around Dallas-Fort Worth as part of the Trans-Texas Corridor.

Texas Department of Transportation officials said last week that they were asking the Federal Highway Administration to include the outer loop, which would allow the Trans-Texas — a cross-state toll road — to be incorporated into existing highway plans rather than simply bypassing the Metroplex.

Then, on Tuesday, Perry sent a letter to the transportation department supporting the Metroplex plan, to the delight of Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief. “Our proposed alignment would direct traffic to the center of our region and include an outer loop going east and west around our Metroplex. It will utilize current resources, move traffic to the core and create more direct routes,” Moncrief said in a statement. “We spoke in a united voice, and we were heard.”

Although thousands of people have flooded Trans-Texas hearings to speak against toll roads, North Texas’ elected leaders have said they’ll support Trans-Texas as long as it comes through the Metroplex.

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