Thursday, October 05, 2006

The system of political favors for big companies is so obvious that Texas is being called the “Pay to Play State.”

Republican ‘boondoggles' abound in state, nation


Letters to the Editor
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The local Republican Party filed a lawsuit to replace one candidate with another. There is a simple, common method for accomplishing this without filing a lawsuit. There is no need for a lawsuit, with all its related costs to the County and its taxpayers. The Election Code prescribes the step-by-step process that a Party should follow.

Milam County is not the only local example of Republicans not following the Election Code.

The Courts had to intervene to stop Republicans in Fort Bend County from replacing Tom Delay, the now disgraced former Party strongman, with someone who is not under felony indictment. That Republican attempt at ballot manipulation failed because (you guessed it) the Republicans didn't follow the Election Code.

At the State level, the Texas Republican Party is giving a no-bid contract to a company from Spain to build a giant toll road across our blacklands. The system of political favors for big companies is so open and obvious that Texas is being called the “Pay to Play State.” Folks who want to play the game have to pay the Republicans. One example is the $300,000,000 slush fund Rick Perry has labeled the “Texas Enterprise Fund.”

At the Federal level, Republican star Jack Abramoff is headed off to six years in prison for fraud and conspiracy to bribe public officials. The occupation of Iraq is a boondoggle that is profitable for a few, but a disaster for the rest of us. The Clinton-era budget surplus has been squandered on corporate welfare and no-bid contracts for Halliburton. What ever happened to Osama Bin Laden? The Republicans have been too busy illegally tapping your phone and getting your calling records to find the mother of all mass-murderers.

Just the facts, Mr. Strelsky; the Republicans seem to have difficulty following the law no matter where they govern, whether in Milam County, Austin or Washington, D.C. As Sgt. Friday would say, “Just the facts.”

Richard Dodd,


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