Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"A state entity that wants to listen to someone other than the pro-toll interests?"

'No-tag, no-toll' rally headed to Austin March 2


By Mary Lois Boatman
The Navasota Examiner
Copyright 2007

Important events are scheduled to happen in Austin in the next few weeks.

On March 1, there will be a public hearing held regarding the Trans-Texas Corridor. State Sen. John Carona is stepping up to the plate and asking for citizen input, without subjecting us all to another TxDOT dog and pony show.

The Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee will hold a public hearing in the Capitol Annex Auditorium.

Finally, a state entity that wants to listen to someone other than the pro-toll interests. It's predicted that this hearing will start early and go late.

Then, on Friday, March 2, farmers, ranchers, anti-toll, anti-corridor and anti-animal inspection groups will march up Congress Street in what is being called the "DON'T TAG TEXAS" rally.

It's very fitting that this will happen on Texas Independence Day!

Counties all around us are planning to attend. It's about time that the citizens of Grimes County stand up and voice their opinions. There will be a bus leaving from Brookshire Brothers in Navasota at 10:30 a.m. for anyone that wants to participate. I am the sign-up person for the Roans Prairie and Shiro area - 874-0101 or 936-718-8992. See page 1 for more information.

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