Wednesday, April 25, 2007

HB1892 heads to the full Senate for a vote.

Moratorium Bill (HB1892) Reported Out of Senate Committee Today

Copyright 2007

HB1892 is finally on the way to a vote by the full Senate with a committee recommendation that it be passed.

Movement resumes today.

At the time David Stall and Linda Stall testified before the Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee this morning HB1892 was still on hold.

But now, after lunch, it has been reported out and recommended for the Local and Uncontested Calendar in the Senate.

First a vote by the full Senate, then back to the House.

Hopefully HB1892 will move quickly. First stop will be a vote on the floor of the Senate. Then back to the House where it will either be concurred with or sent to conference committee. Given the tremendous support shown so far we fully expect that the Senate substitution will be accepted by the House.

Thank You!

David & Linda Stall

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