Thursday, April 26, 2007

Senate plans to vote on HB1892 and send it back to the House.

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CDA Moratorium Bill (HB1892) Appears on Senate Intent Calendar

April 26, 2007
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HB1892 is really on the way to a vote by the full Senate, maybe as early as Friday!

Yes, it is true, the Senate plans to vote on HB1892 and send it back to the House.

After spending all day at the Capitol representing CorridorWatch, David Stall and Linda Stall have a pretty solid feeling that the Senate will quickly send the moratorium bill back to the House. As tangible evidence, HB1892 appeared on the Intent Calendar posted today for tomorrow, Friday.

April 27 will be the first Friday that the Senate has convened this session. The Intent Calendar posted today includes seventy-six bills, the last one on the list is HB1892.

Stay tuned . . Friday could be a really Big Day!

Transportation Reformation Act (SB1929) Was Back Before Senate Committee Again Wednesday

Overhauled once again, SB1929 was the topic of much continued discussion.

Another committee substitution and a host of amendments helped SB1929 grow to more than 130 pages.

CorridorWatch co-founders David and Linda Stall testified on various positive elements of the bill such as those that create limits on CDA projects not subject to the moratorium, increase transparency and public disclosure, and provide for greater rural representation.

Interestingly, having been summoned, none of the Transportation Commissioners or TxDOT resource witnesses were ever called to testify before the committee.

Just when many thought the Senate's big transportation bill was going to move forward it stalled and was left pending in committee.

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