Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"We don't want to get sandbagged again."


HB1892 Senate Hearing: 7:30am Wednesday, April 18th
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HB1892, the bill that now includes the moratorium language from HB2772, is a late addition to the Senate Transportation & Homeland Security Committee Hearing Notice for Wednesday.

Just as we have all asked for, Senator Carona's Committee will consider HB1892.

We didn't get much notice, but it is what we wanted, and we certainly do want HB1892 to move quickly out of committee.

Can You Come To Austin Today?

Hearing Room E1.016

You may recall the sandbagging we got when SB1267 came up in committee. A large number of officials showed up from the DFW area to oppose and ask for exceptions to the moratorium. Those same pro-CDA folks are very likely to show up again Wednesday.

We don't want to get sandbagged again. will have a representative there but we would like to have as many additional supporters in the room as possible. Filling out a testimony card "For" the bill and leaving it with the clear would be appreciated even if you couldn't stay or didn't want to address the committee.

If you haven't already called, or if you called someone else, it would help to contact these offices before 10:00 a.m. Wednesday morning in support of HB1892.

Senator Ellis - 512.463.0113

Senator Shapiro - 512.463.0108

Senator Shapleigh - 512.463.0129

Senator Wentworth - 512.463.0125

Your investment of a couple minutes today can stop excessive payments to private toll road operators for at least the next two years.

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