Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sen. Hutchison: FHA has crossed the line from technical assistance to advocacy


United States Senate

May 1,2007

J. Richard Capka
Federal Highway Administration
400 Seventh Street, SW
Washington, DC 20590

Dear Administrator Capka:

I am very concerned that recent letters from the Federal Highway Administration have placed a cloud over current actions being taken in the Texas Legislature. While I am sure that was not the intent, I believe it is imperative that the Federal Highway Administration takes steps to remove that impression.

As someone who has worked to Increase Texas' share of federal transportation dollars, I understand the need to make sure that Texas has all options to leverage funds, I am sure you share my sentiment. While the Administration plays a valuable role in providing technical guidance and assistance for states considering legislation which may impact federal funds, there is a fine line between analysis and advocacy in those deliberations.

In light of the changing nature of the legislation moving through the Texas Legislature, I urge the Federal Highway Administration to work with all interested parties, including members of the Legislature, the Texas Department of Transportation and Members of the Texas Congressional delegation to assure that as many options as possible are available to Texas to maximize use of their transportation dollars to match its fair share of funding.


Kay Bailey Hutchison

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