Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The verdict? "Truthful!"

Ad airs from group against the Trinity Toll Road

October 31, 2007

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You know it's almost election time, when every time you change the channel, you come across yet another political ad.

Yesterday, there was a new Trinity Toll Road ad airing.

It was the first TV ad from the group that is against the toll road.

It attacks the other side's claims that voting against the road will result in higher taxes in Dallas.

"The lobbyist and politicians are not telling the truth about their toll road Trinity Toll Road," we are told.

"According to The Dallas Morning News, they've used suspect statistics as truth to scare us of new taxes and lost funding," the ad continues.

That's unknown.

There are no firm figures on "new taxes" and "lost funding".

Building a toll road in another location, other than the Trinity, would require the city to buy and demolish properties.

That will certainly cost more, but there is no definitive answer on how much.

As for lost funding - TxDOT says the toll road is the centerpiece to redoing the Mixmaster.

Without it, they say, the federal government will not pay for an estimate $1.5 billion in downtown road improvements.

But, it's unknown how that will actually play out.

"Their claims make several leaps and aren't backed up by proof," the ad says.

That's true but again, the cost of building the road in an alternate location is uncertain.

Toll road supporters say it will cost $500 million but they have not been able to itemize that number.

The truth is it could cost more, or less and ultimately it would have to approved by Dallas voters.

"As for those illustrations of the toll road, we've all seen the Dallas Morning News called them 'figments,'" the ad says.

That's true.

The images of a lush and pleasing tollway were produced by the NTTA, which would own and operate the road.

But the NTTA says the images are only an approximation of what the toll road would look like and is subject to change.

That's your reality check.

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