Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Most of the early 'public meetings' have not been advertised to the public but are for a select audience often called 'stakeholders'..."


In my own mind and heart I am a stakeholder. Are you?


Martha Estes
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Do you have a stake in this? In February 2008 you will have a chance to answer that question by "walking the walk".

TxDOT and the Texas Transportation Commission have recently "found" themselves a $9 million dollar budget to "educate the citizens of Texas" about the Trans Texas Corridor 69.

Mind you, their intentions remain the SAME and 9 million dollars buys a lot of lipstick to put on that TTC pig!! That cosmetic process is underway with a series of radio spots, briefings, and town hall meetings along the proposed TTC-69 route through about 650 miles of Texas and into Louisiana.

Most of the early "public meetings" have not been advertised to the public but are for a select audience which generally includes some elected county and municipal officials, chamber of commerce members, economic development council members, and similar individuals who are often called stakeholders by TxDOT.

In my own mind and heart I am a stakeholder. Are you? At stake for me is my homestead and ranch and my sense of what real transportation solutions and private property rights ought to be in Texas.

I have not been invited to any of these previews. Have you? Ads have not appeared in local papers announcing them.

Decide whether you think something of importance is at stake. And mark your calendar in FEBRUARY 2008. February will bring TTC-69 DEIS Hearings in locations along the narrowed TTC-69 route across Texas and into Louisiana. In 2005 there were 37 Hearings with multiple routes. The schedule of dates and sites is pending. You can attend as many as you like regardless of your home address. One Waller County site has been confirmed for February 27th at the Waller High School.

On Tuesday, November 13th TxDOT revealed online a TTC-69 DEIS map [CLICK HERE]which shows the narrowed path to be studied further for a final corridor. Related information about the process and resources are also online. Within a few more days the map and related information are to be provided to some public libraries and Regional TxDOT offices listed online now. Find a way to access the map and information. Get your friends and neighbors to do the same.

I met many fine Texas citizens as I proudly stood with them in the trenches at six of the TTC-35 hearings. I hope to see many of them in February in counties across Texas. The issues are the same.. wherever it is that you call home.

Martha Estes


Louisiana and Texas Public Libraries List [CLICK HERE]

TxDOT Regional Offices where the DEIS TTC-69 map and materials are available for examination. [CLICK HERE]

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