Thursday, May 01, 2008

Delisi in the driver's seat - Krusee on the rocks

Williamson Rep. Mike Krusee accused of DWI

Julie Simon
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A Texas state representative from Central Texas who pushed for tougher DWI laws now finds himself accused of driving while intoxicated.

Rep. Mike Krusee, R-Williamson County, was arrested Wednesday night. He was taken to jail and posted bond Thursday morning.

It was around 10:15 p.m. when a Williamson County deputy reported he noticed Rep. Krusee driving his BMW erratically down Anderson Mill. He pulled him over a couple blocks later, gave him a sobriety test and according to this paperwork. The lawmaker failed that test.

Krusee was driving down Anderson Mill, presumably on his way home, since he lives just a few blocks form where he was stopped. According to the arresting officer, Krusee was 'weaving from one side of the lane to the other.' He also had expired license plates.

The deputy says Krusee told him he had one glass of wine.

Arresting paperwork alleges that Krusee's clothing was disorderly, the smell of alcohol on him was strong, and his eyes were watery and bloodshot.

Krusee announced last November he is not running for re-election. While in office, though, he authored a bill called the Driver Responsibility program. It's now the law and requires DWI offenders pay a $1,000 surcharge for their first DWI and more money for subsequent DWI convictions.

Constituents that spoke to CBS 42's Julie Simon Thursday of Krusee's were not pleased.

"Somebody like that -- they are going to be representing our community," said Krusee constituent Jim Crawford. "I feel like he made a bad judgment and I don't trust somebody if they can't even control their own judgment."

The case still has to make its way through the justice system. Because this is a first offense, it will be a misdemeanor charge handled by the Williamson County attorney.

A CBS 42 News crew went by Rep. Krusee's home Thursday, but he was not there.

When Krusee announced he would not seek re-election, there was speculation he would be tapped to head the Texas Department of Transportation. But on Wednesday that position went instead to Deirdre Delisi, Gov. Rick Perry's former chief of staff.

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