Thursday, November 13, 2008

House Bill 11 would ditch the Trans-Texas Corridor

Bill could spell end to TTC


By Philip Jankowski
Taylor Daily Press
Copyright 2008

The future of the Trans-Texas Corridor has gotten a bit grim in the last few months.

House Speaker Tom Craddick said the idea of building the multi-billion dollar web of superhighways is dead, which Texas Senator Steve Ogden also said a few months prior.
On Monday, the project took one more step toward flat lining with the filing of House Bill 11, which would repeal the corridor completely.

Filed by Bexar County representative David Leibowitz, House Bill 11 literally strikes the highway from the books.

Leibowitz filed a similar bill for 2007’s session, but it died in committee. However, this session the bill could make it to an actual vote. Several members of the house’s Transportation Committee are not returning, including the committee’s chair, district 52 outgoing representative Mike Krusee.

A possible change in the house’s speaker could also bode well for the bill. Though Republicans still maintain a narrow majority in the house, Republicans other than Craddick are considering throwing their hat in for the speaker spot. Craddick has been subject to criticism for his leadership style, which some say is autocratic.

District 52 Representative-elect Diana Maldonado said she would be in support of House Bill 11 should it see an actual vote.

“I would obviously support anything that would repeal the Trans-Texas Corridor. We already have (S.H. 130), which is serving its purpose so ... if the bill continues to go through, I will support it,” Maldonado said.

The bill will have plenty of opportunity to be crushed by opposition as it makes its way through the legislature. If it does make it to the governor’s office, because Rick Perry was one of the chief architects behind the Trans-Texas Corridor, his veto would be likely.

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