Monday, December 08, 2008

"If anyone is likely to suffer... it would be Perry's exposure as a wastrel — of time, money and TxDOT resources — in pushing the TTC."

Looking forward to Hutchison


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Thumbs up to U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison for taking the first step toward seeking the Texas governorship. After years of hints, speculation and deliberation, she first formal step Thursday by establishing a gubernatorial exploratory committee.

Thumbs down to the response from Gov. Rick Perry's staff for the graceless and unnecessarily contentious response to the news. "Kay Bailout has been talking about running for governor and passing legislation for years an neither has ever happened, said Perry spokesman Mark Miner, in an Associated Press story. "Today she continues her streak of indecision."

Such vitriol against a member of one's own party, and less than an hour after Hutchison's announcement, smacks of desperation \— almost frantic attempt to scare Bailey away from the race.

It's not surprising that Perry's staff would employ taunts, jeers and threats, not as a last resort, but as the first line of defense. The list of accomplishments attributable to Perry's leadership is neither lengthy, nor impressive. In addition, Perry's push for the Trans-Texas Corridor inspired an incredible amount of antipathy, not just here in East Texas, but in other areas of the state.

If anyone is likely to suffer from "exposure," it isn't likely to be Hutchison, for the "liberal that she is," as one of Perry's longtime pollsters, Mike Baselice, warned in an AP story Thursday.

More likely, it would be Perry's exposure as a wastrel — of time, money and Texas Department of Transportation resources — in pushing the TTC.

It's likely, too, that it would be Perry, not Hutchison who would be first in line for a "dose of reality" from voters — especially here in East Texas, where Hutchison has been highly effective — and supportive.

Having Kay Bailey Hutchison in the governor's mansion would be a decided plus for the entire state, in our opinion, but most especially for East Texas and Nacogdoches, where she has ties through friendships and family.

Hutchison's campaign consultant, Todd Olsen, said in a Friday AP story that forming an exploratory committee would allow the senator to work on the logistics of campaign travel and staff. Another adviser also refuted the claim that Hutchison is "undecided," saying she is expected to make a formal announcement next year.

We look forward to that announcement with eager anticipation.

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