Monday, February 02, 2009

"More than once Gov. Rick Perry has hoodwinked Texans."

Governor Rick Perry Still the "Flim-Flam" Man


Peter Stern
The Wilson County News
Copyright 2009

Gov. Perry is still scamming Texans.

Several years ago Perry "galloped" around the state pushing to deregulate higher education tuition under the guise that it would make tuition competitive and ultimately lower costs for Texas students. He got what he wanted, but Texans did NOT. Tuition has been escalating dramatically for the past 2 years.

Then Perry pushed to deregulate costs of electricity, promising Texans that competition would encourage lower monthly bills. Well, Perry got what he wanted, but again, Texans are paying higher costs for their electricity.

Still pushing legislation for his special interests, Perry then pushed for a law to eliminate "frivolous" medical malpractice lawsuits telling Texans that it would lower health care and medical costs. Perry got the law passed, but health care premiums and other medical costs continue to escalate in Texas.

Perry says the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) is dead, but he continues to push for new toll roads that bear significant resemblance to portions of the old plans for the TTC.

More than once Gov. Rick Perry has hoodwinked Texans.

Now with reelection pending and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison "breathing down his neck" in the race for governor, Perry is trying to fool voters again, this time that he is pushing for stronger "Eminent Domain" legislation and telling Texans that he wants to protect their property rights. Nothing is further from the truth.

Let's look at some history. In 2005 Perry signed the legislation for "Eminent Domain" designed to protect the private property of Texans. In 2007 Perry VETOED House Bill 2006 offering additional compensation requiring eminent domain commissioners to consider "loss of access" when determining dollar amounts. The bill also provided for recovery of damages, e.g., changes to traffic patterns and visibility of remaining property from the road.

Now Perry again is "foaming at the mouth" about providing Texans with more property protection, when in reality, Perry simply wants to protect the state from being forced to pay Texans fair market value for their seized property.

Texans must NOT be fooled again by Gov. Perry.

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