Sunday, April 05, 2009

"With this kind of 'system' in place, makes me consider going out of my way not to use our new toll road."

Toll Road Blues


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Whoever designed our toll road must have taken engineering drawings depicting 1940’s highways. It looks like old Highway 45 between Houston and Dallas, which in ancient times was the main thoroughfare between the two cities. It appears outdated for the times, although the price for use is 21st Century, if you forget to pay, or don’t pay.

Remember when we were told to try it out, use it and see how you like it, etc. at no charge for about a month? Wrong. My son used it one time during this “trial” period and got a $5 greetings (bill) in the mail for a $1.30 toll charge.

Well, to make a long, painful story short, he didn’t pay it. I thought it wasn’t worth the hassle, so later I sent them a $5 check back in January, just to get them off his case.

Apparently the check got lost in the mail, or didn’t get posted, but today he gets a bill from some “financial” system company out of Wisconsin (would you believe) for $51.30. That’s $1.30 for the original toll fee, plus (hold on) $50 for “administrative fees, for a total of $51.30. Makes you wonder how much they pay their CEO. With this kind of “system” in place, makes me consider going out of my way not to use our new toll road.

It’s actually not that convenient for me, nor does it save that much time by its use; plus, if you make a mistake about it being free or not, it might just cost you the equivalent of a couple tanks of gas.

Buster Barlow

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