Sunday, September 27, 2009

TxDOT's 'godfather' of public private partnerships (P3s) exits to the private sector

TxDOT’s Russell Moves On

P3 Godfather TxDOT

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Texas DOT’s Phil Russell, a public sector veteran of the US P3 market, has retired from the department after 25 years of service to the procurement agency as Assistant Executive for Innovative Project Development.

Russell, one of the early originators of P3s and to many one of the “godfathers” of US P3s oversaw the development and operation of turnpike projects, coordination and planning of rail projects, pass-thru finance agreements, long-term transportation planning, and coordination with local toll authorities and metropolitan planning organizations for TxDOT.

As a director of the Texas Turnpike Authority Division under his direction, from 1998 to 2007, the division expanded the state highway system through the development of toll roads, working with districts and local officials on the formation of regional mobility authorities and state toll projects, and overseeing the preparation of P3s for TxDOT.

He successfully managed the Central Texas Turnpike project, TxDOT’s first toll road and the department’s first PPP – SH 130. He also managed the department’s Trans Texas Corridor activities.

Its expected that Russell will still remain very active within the P3 market and is no doubt being inundated with offers from the private sector anxious to recruit the services of a man with such great experience of operating within the P3 industry.

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