Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Lush life of Rick Perry: "Gingerbread creamed pedicures and chocolate strawberries covered body wrap"---on the taxpayer's dime?!!

Rick Perry: charging taxpayers for a life of luxury


By Joe Pounder
Texans for Kay
Copyright 2010

Today, Texans for Kay Bailey Hutchison released its newest web video, “Life of Luxury.” Throughout his time in government, Rick Perry’s travel has cost taxpayers almost half a million dollars. Last year alone, Perry spent over $115,000 on taxpayer-funded trips, including a bachelor party in Las Vegas and a stay at a “swanky” hotel in Israel for a night at a “scotch and cigar bar.”

Perry’s history of living high off the hog at taxpayer expense goes back years; in 1992, then-Agriculture Commissioner Perry enjoyed a three-night stay at the Greenbrier Resort, where he charged Texas taxpayers for spa therapeutic services, tennis & golf dining, and a limo service to the airport. The Perry record: living a life of luxury on the taxpayers’ dime.

Text of "Life of Luxury"

Once again Rick Perry is letting false accusations fly while ignoring his own record.

The truth is that in just six years, Perry's travel has cost Texas taxpayers nearly $400,000.

Perry charged Texas taxpayers a quarter million dollars for foreign travel alone.

Taxpayers even put in the bill for Perry's trip to a bachelor party in Las Vegas.

Perry charged taxpayers another $32,000 so he could fly to New York to meet with campaign donors. And that's only the beginning...

Perry's past also includes charging taxpayers $1300 for a ritzy retreat outside of Washington DC which offers "gingerbread creamed pedicures" and "chocolate strawberries covered" body wrap.

We are not making this up.

In fact, Perry charged Texas $140 for "spa therapeutic services."

Rick Perry: charging taxpayers for a life of luxury

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