Monday, February 01, 2010

"We’re supporting her because property rights are important to us.”

Hutchison blasts Perry at farm bureau conference


By Patrick George
Austin American-Statesman
Copyright 2010

Gov. Rick Perry’s ill-fated Trans-Texas Corridor was an attempt to “run over” private property rights, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison told a crowd of about 500 farmers and ranchers in San Marcos today.

Speaking at the Texas Farm Bureau’s annual leadership conference in San Marcos today, Hutchison blasted Perry’s policies on education, term limits, his use of vetoes in the State Legislature, and the corridor — the latter of which struck a chord with many in the audience.

“It was a mistake to propose taking nearly 600,000 acres of our land,” she said. “It was a mistake to try and run over our private property rights. It was a mistake to waste $131 million in taxpayer money on roads that were never built.”

Many in the audience stood and cheered for Hutchison, whom the farm bureau endorsed last fall. President Kenneth Dierschke said the decision by the bureau’s governing board was unanimous, and had to do with both property rights and what they considered a lack of access to Perry.

“It was a grandiose plan,” Dierschke said of the corridor. “You’re going through farms that have been in our members’ hands for over 100 years.”

Dierschke said San Marcos was chosen for their annual conference due to the amenities at the multimillion-dollar conference center and nearby outlet mall shopping for members’ families.

Hutchison also reiterated her desire to have a session after the traditional legislative session where lawmakers can convene to try and override the governor’s vetoes. She also said her first act would be to try and limit the governor to two terms in office.

“I like her thoughts on term limits,” said Paul Minzenmayer of Runnels County. “As a whole, we’re supporting her because property rights are important to us.”

Hutchison then left to meet with supporters in New Braunfels.

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