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"Perry is the most ethically challenged governor in Texas History"

Strayhorn calls for end to revolving door lobbying

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August 18, 2006

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(AUSTIN) – Troubling ethical questions surrounding Gov. Rick Perry and his administration continue to be revealed by the media as he has made phony ethical attacks the centerpiece of his campaign, the campaign of Texas Independent Candidate for Governor Carole Keeton Strayhorn said today.

“This is quite possibly the most ethically challenged Governor in Texas history,” said spokesman Mark Sanders. “Rick has made attacking his opponent on phony ethics charges the centerpiece of his campaign. It is becoming clear everyday why.”

Strayhorn, as part of a lobby reform plan with real teeth, is proposing a 4-year ban on any state officials or state employee from lobbying after leaving government service.
  • Today, a major Texas newspaper revealed that the governor’s legislative liaison has once again returned to lobby for the Spanish company that won the rights to develop the multi-billion Trans Texas Corridor – a job he previously had just before the foreign company won the huge contract.
“There is no revolving door in Rick’s administration,” Sanders said. “There is no door at all. There is just a welcome mat. Lobby one minute to get a client a huge contract, go to work for Rick the next minute, and return to the lobby the next minute.”

“Rick tells Texans he has the strongest ethics policy ever while delivering big paydays to his contributors, friends and staff through secret taxpayer-funded deals with a foreign company,” Sanders said. “This is the most blatant abuse of the public trust in the history of Texas, and it represents a disturbing pattern of unethical behavior.”
  • Yesterday, in a story headlined “Perry Big Donors Get Appointments, Government Business” the Dallas Morning News revealed that in exchange for giving at least $25,000 a year to the governor, a handful of super-rich contributors received invitations to private luncheons with the governor, coveted appointments to state boards and commissions, and lucrative business with the state including profitable toll-road contracts and state money to invest.
  • Last week the Austin American-Statesman reminded Texans that the Legislature had to ban campaign contributions to the governor during the 20-day period he can sign or veto bills after Perry accepted $1.2 million as he reviewed bills.
  • Perry has also had ethical lapses when he took $20,000 from Enron and named an Enron official to the Public Utility Commission and when he and his state staff used campaign contributions to fly to the Bahamas for a “working vacation.”
“It’s simple, Rick just protests too much when he tries to make ethics an issue,” Sanders said.

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