Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Drivers would have to have EZ tags."

Toll road proposed for 288

February 22, 2007

KHOU-TV (Channel 11) Houston
By Wendell Edwards
Texas Cable News

The population explosion in Brazoria County has made rush hour traffic on highway 288 bumper to bumper.

There could be some relief in sight in the form of a toll road, but it’s going to cost you.

The plans that were introduced have crews building toll road lanes on a 26 mile stretch of Texas 288.

Two lanes in each direction will be build along the median from 59 to 610.

Three lanes will be build from 610 to the Beltway in each direction.

From the Beltway to County Road 60 near Rosharan will be back down to two lanes in each direction.

“TxDOT always planned for 288 to be a major corridor. We knew there would be a lot of expansion. There would be of course a lot of residential and a lot of coming from Brazoria county into Harris County,” said Norm Wigington With the Texas Department of Transportation.

The drivers would have to have EZ tags.

Pearland City Councilman, Kevin Cole supports the plan. “It’s a good thing. The 288 corridor is the last major corridor in Houston, with this close proximity to Houston to develop.”

TxDOT says if approved the currently lanes on 288 will remain free.

That’s good news for those who constantly use that highway.

“It’s gridlocked. It’s horrible. It’s horrible to be on the traffic on 288,” says Regina Coyle who lives in Pearland.

On average, TexDOT says, 140,000 drivers use 288 every day.

People have until March 9 to tell the state what think about the idea.

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