Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"It's goal and only inches to go..."

Special Report

Moratorium Bill (HB1892) Passes Out of Senate Committee Unanimously

April 18, 2007
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HB1892 is on the way to a vote by the full Senate with a committee recommendation that it be passed.

Arnold Romberg represented CorridorWatch today giving testimony before the Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee in support of a moratorium on Comprehensive Development Agreements.

The bill passed with seven amendments.

A series of amendments were offered and attached to protect and/or allow a number of regional and local projects to continue. However, none of the amendments to HB1892 made by the House or by the Senate keep it from putting TTC-35 and TTC-69 on hold for the next two years.

It was well into the evening before the bill was brought up again, given its last three of seven amendments, and put to a vote. All nine Senators on the committee were present and voted for their HB1892 substitution. And, they certified it for the local and uncontested calendar.

First a vote by the full Senate, then back to the House.

HB1892 should move quickly now. First stop will be a vote on the floor of the Senate where it is unlikely to see any additional amendment. Then back to the House where it will either be concurred with or sent to conference committee. Given the tremendous support shown so far we fully expect that the Senate substitution will be accepted by the House.

Then what? It gets sent to the Governor, that's what.

Before you know it HB1892 could be on the Governor's desk. Will he sign it? Not likely. No really, that's not very likely.

Will he veto it? Maybe. But if he does it looks like there will be enough time and support to overturn a veto. We're told that it has been more than 30 years since a Texas Governor had a veto overturned. Does Governor Perry want to add his name to that column in the record book?

Well done ya'll! It's goal and only inches to go.

This has been a tremendous effort and you all are to be congratulated on what you have accomplished so far. Yes, it is to soon to count our chickens, but we sure are sitting on a lot of nice looking eggs.

When we have that two-year moratorium as law we will certainly celebrate and name names. But until then we will keep our heads in the game, not lose sight of the finish line, and be vigilant for any threat to our pending success.

Congratulations Texas!

We are one more giant leap closer to stopping the Trans Texas Corridor.

Thank You!

David & Linda Stall

© 2007

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