Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"We are now a giant leap closer to a 2-year moratorium. Next we turn our attention to the Senate."


CorridorWatch.org House Report

HB1892 Passes with HB2772 Language: 123 to 17


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CorridorWatch.org was in the House for the action.

David Stall and Linda Stall of CorridorWatch were joined by Terri Hall of San Antonio Toll Party in the gallery seats above the State House floor.

Together we watched a team of Representatives led by Rep. Kolkhorst working the room while Representative Krusee looked like a man at a party who didn't know anyone in the room. Transportation Chair Krusee led the opposition that included his Vice Chair Larry Phillips, and Fred Hill.

Several Reps assisted Lois Kolkhorst's effort. We especially watched Pickett, Harper-Brown, Coleman, and Leibowitz help with the amendment.

At 3:15 the House took up HB1892 for consideration.

For the next four hours HB1892 was debated and amended and amended. Most notable was the Kolkhorst amendment attaching the language of HB2772. Altogether twenty-two amendments were offered.

At 5:01 the Kolkhorst amendment was put to a vote.

One hundred thirty-four voted For and only five voted Against. Those voting against the 2-year moratorium were Reps. Deshotel, Escobar, Krusee and Lucio.

At 7:14 the final vote was taken: 123 For, 17 Against.

We are now a giant leap closer to a 2-year moratorium. Next we turn our attention to the Senate.

Congratulations Texas!

We are one big step closer to stopping the Trans Texas Corridor.

Thank You!

David & Linda Stall

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