Monday, November 17, 2008

Rep. Krusee's DWI arrest debuts on YouTube

DWI charges against Krusee dropped

Video of sobriety test released by County Attorney's Office


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The Williamson County DWI case against State Representative Mike Krusee has been dismissed.

Prosecutors with the Williamson County Attorney’s Office filed the motion this morning. They state that while there was enough evidence to arrest Krusee in April, there is not enough evidence to convict him of the misdemeanor charges. Krusee was arrested on April 30th by a DPS trooper, whose arrest report states initially pulled Krusee over on Hwy 183 because of expired registration tags. The officer also reports that Krusee told him he had had one glass of wine.

In a statement, County Attorney Jana Duty said, “After reviewing all of the evidence in the case it was determined that the officer did have probable cause to arrest, due to his observations on the scene, however the evidence is insufficient to sustain a conviction by jury.”

According to court documents, there was no physical evidence in the case because Krusee did not submit to a breathalyzer test and a blood sample was not taken at the Williamson County Jail. In addition, officials with the County Attorney’s office describe Krusee’s movements during his recorded field sobriety test as “rock solid”.

“Because we live in a digital age,” Duty’s statement continues, “jurors tend to rely on what they see on the videos offered in the case more so than relying on the training and experience of the officer and what the officer observed at the scene.”

Krusee had already announced he would not seek re-election before the arrest. The House District 52 seat was recently won by Democrat Dianna Maldonado, who will take office in January.

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