Tuesday, January 06, 2009

"The Texas Department of Transportation has earned the criticism it's received."

New Legislative View of TXDOT?

Agency critics hoping new session will bring some changes.


By Bill O'Neal
KTRH (Houston)
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It's been a dirty word for lots of legislature watchers in Texas in recent years-transportation. As lawmakers prepare to take their places at the Capitol, many are hoping to see some big changes for TXDOT this time around.

"The Texas Department of Transportation has earned the criticism it's received. We're looking forward to a Legislative session that makes some substantive changes in their structure," said Dave Stall with Corridor Watch, a group that opposes plans for a Trans-Texas Corridor.

On that front, Stall said he expects to see some progress in the coming weeks and months.

"We certainly think the Legislature is going to back away from the grand plan for a Trans-Texas Corridor. But I think toll roads are just something that's going to be on the table for the foreseeable future," Stall said.

Ultimately, Stall said he wants to see more transparency when it comes to the TXDOT.

"Hopefully, we will continue to have a Transportation Commission that holds meetings that are open to the public-and we can increase the accountability and transparency of that agency-and see that it serves the public-not private interests," Stall said.

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