Monday, November 17, 2008

Blind Justice - Jaundiced Citizens: Rep. Krusee weaves past DWI charges and into more controversy

Judge dismisses drunken driving charges against Krusee


By Isadora Vail
Austin American-Statesman
Copyright 2008

State Rep. Mike Krusee has been cleared of a misdemeanor drunken driving charge from April. Visiting Judge Chuck Miller announced that the case had been dismissed this morning.

According to a written statement by Williamson County Attorney Jana Duty, “After reviewing all of the evidence in the case it was determined that the officer did have probable cause to arrest, due to his observations on the scene, however the evidence is insufficient to sustain a conviction by jury.”

Krusee’s attorney, Jason Nassour, has said Krusee only had one glass of wine at a friend’s house on April 30. A trooper saw Krusee’s car swerving on U.S. 183, according to an arrest affidavit. He failed field sobriety tests and refused a breath and blood test, according to the affidavit. The trooper arrested him and booked him into the Williamson County Jail.

Nassour said he knew it was a tough case for the county attorney’s office to dismiss, but he reiterated his defense since the arrest that Krusee was not intoxicated.

“I hope and pray that everyone who thinks the county is getting light on crime watches the (DPS) video,” Nassour said. “What they should be saying is ‘I hope they don’t arrest me if I look like that’.”

Krusee carried and passed legislation in 2003 that created the driver responsibility program to help fund the Texas Mobility Fund. That program included a number of surcharges for driving offenses, including $1,000 for a first conviction of driving while intoxicated.

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