Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Is the TTC Dead? Not exactly. It's an "updated vision."

R.I.P., Trans Texas Corridor


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Remember those glorious plans for space-age tollroads linking Houston, Dallas and cities all over Texas? The magnificent artists' renderings that promised everything but flying cars?

Forget them. The Trans Texas Corridor, Governor Rick Perry's grandiose plan to pave massive roads through rural Texas, is dead.

Not exactly dead, TxDOT executive director Amadeo Saenz told a conference this morning; just the subject of an "updated vision."

"Texans have spoken, and we've been listening," said Saenz. "Citizens across the state have had good ideas about how Texas roads can better serve Texas communities. I believe this transformed vision for the TTC and other major corridor development goes a long way toward addressing the concerns we've heard over the past several years."

As the Dallas Morning News reports, the "new vision" is pretty close to death: "Make no mistake, the Trans Texas Corridor as we have known it no longer exists," he said

The multi-billion-dollar plan -- vague enough that no real price tag could be put on it -- did little but stir up ridicule among some people, criticism from those wondering why high-speed tollroads were necessary, and worry among farmers and landowners living in the vast expanse between the state's biggest cities.

It was to include roadways, rail and pipelines. Spaceports for the flying cars were apparently to be added later.

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