Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Trans-Texas Corridor is rebranded as the "Innovative Connectivity Plan"

TxDOT reduces Trans Texas Corridor to bits and pieces


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The Texas Department of Transportation announced Tuesday it would do away with plans for the Trans-Texas Corridor network, and, in its place, adopt more modest projects to bring the state up to par.

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"I believe this transformed vision for the TTC and other major corridor development goes a long way toward addressing the concerns we've heard over the past several years," TxDOT Executive Director Amadeo Saenz said in a statement.

Since Gov. Rick Perry championed the Trans-Texas Corridor in 2002, communities have stepped forward to voice their criticisms and objections. Associates of Perry have said in recent weeks the corridor won't take shape as originally envisioned.

The project called for the construction of a network of roadways connecting major cities, including toll roads, rail tracks and room for pipelines.

Residents along the proposed corridor argued the project would bring unwanted traffic, and property owners complained over the use of private land.

A new proposal called the "Innovative Connectivity Plan" calls for the continuation of the original plan in much smaller variations. Those include Interstate 69, SH 130 and Loop 9.

The original plan called for corridors of 1,200 feet, but those plans have been reduced, now calling for smaller segments of 600 feet.

TxDOT also emphasized it plans to take public opinion into consideration as it moves forward.

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