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Perry panders to political preachers

The Outlandish Beliefs Of Rick Perry’s Prayer Rally Endorsers

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On August 6th, Gov. Rick Perry will host a rally of prayer and fasting for a “nation in crisis.” Perry has invited all 49 other governors to share in the event he defines as “a nondenominational, apolitical, Christian prayer meeting.” He is expected to announce his presidential intentions soon after the rally.

A quick look at the event’s endorsement list features a who’s-who of extreme right-wing religious figures. They warn of dire consequences for our nation: birds dying out because gays can serve in the military, hurricanes ravaging “sinful cities,” even Oprah Winfrey being a sign of the Apocalypse. Yet despite their outlandish beliefs and rhetoric, Perry features their support prominently on the event’s website.

ThinkProgress has compiled the top outlandish beliefs from pastors associated with Perry’s prayer rally:

– Oprah is a sign of the Apocalypse: In his channel on GOD TV, Mike Bickle called Oprah a “forerunner to the harlot movement.” Bickle also warned that traditional “marriage will be…defiled” as the “gay marriage agenda, which is rooted in the depths of Hell,” progresses.

– Blackbirds are dying because of gay soldiers: Dr. Cindy Jacobs recorded a video declaring a connection between the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the sudden death of blackbirds in Beebee, Arkansas as a divine punishment. She also called “girl-on-girl kissing” a “plague on society” and asked divine forgiveness for the violation of a woman’s “natural use.”

– The Statue of Liberty is a “demonic idol”: In various sermons, John Benefiel called the Statue of Liberty a “demonic idol.” He also expressed a belief that homosexuality is a plot contrived by the Illuminati “to limit the world population.”

– Hurricane Katrina was divine retribution for the city’s “sin”: John Hagee said residents of New Orleans were at fault for Hurricane Katrina: “I believe that New Orleans had a level of sin that was offensive to God and they were recipients of the judgment of God for that.” Hagee has also insinuated that “the Holocaust…was the fault of Jews themselves” and Hitler acted as a “hunter” corralling the Jews into Israel.

– Gay rights movement from the “pit of hell”: Dwight McKissic denounced comparisons between the civil rights movement and the gay rights movement because the latter is a “satanic anointment…inspired by the anti-Christ” that comes from the “pit of hell.” McKissic also said that “God uses natural disasters to punish evil,” pointing to Hurricane Katrina because “New Orleans flaunts sin.”

– Jesus actually opposed the minimum wage: Influential pastor David Barton has made a name for himself by distorting Biblical text to support his claim that Jesus opposed the minimum wage and the capital gains tax. Barton has also argued that public school students are getting “homosexual indoctrination.”

– Children of gay parents are like orphans of 9/11: During this year’s Faith and Freedom conference, ThinkProgress reported on Jim Garlow’s comparison of orphans of the September 11th attacks to children raised in same-sex households. Garlow is also known for his controversial allegation that African Americans have saved the country from the “enslavement of gay marriage.”

– Director of a Christian para-military group: Jay Swallow is the Director of SWAT, a “Christian Military Training Camp” organized “for the purpose of dealing with the occult and territorial enemy strong holds in America.” Participants of the training session sign a liability waiver before becoming “warriors” against “occult and territorial enemy strongholds in America.” Participants are also trained “how to pray for casinos on Native American land.”

– African Americans are “cursed” by homosexuals: Willie Wooten published a book about the curse of the African American people. He wrote that their tolerance of “immorality” in the Democratic Party begets curses of “adultery, incest, children from incestuous union, children born out-of-wedlock, destroyed virginity, bestiality, homosexuality, lesbianism.”

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Friday, August 05, 2011

Rick Perry's intellect? All pork and no cattle.

Rick Perry's College Transcript A Warning To All Aspiring Politicians


by Frank James
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If you're a college student who harbors the thought of going into politics one day here's a word of advice: study. And for those who already do, here are two more words of counsel: study harder.

Because if you ever enter politics, you may one day think about running for president. And if you do decide to run, your college grades could become an issue, especially if they're mediocre.

That's what Texas Gov. Rick Perry is learning the hard way, now that what's reportedly his college transcript is on the Internet for the eyes of Texas and the world to gaze upon, courtesy of the Huffington Post.

He was well acquainted with Bs, Cs and Ds. A pre-veterinary student, he got an F in organic chemistry. While many people won't hold that against him, it's pretty obvious why he's not a practicing veterinarian today.

Perry's grades could be a problem since they help to reinforce the narrative about him that when it comes to intellect, he's all hat and no cattle, so to speak.

It's interesting to speculate how this transcript became public. Was this courtesy of an opposition research operation by an announced candidate for the Republican nomination? (Perry hasn't announced but the smart money is on him doing so.)

Or was this a Democratic oppo hit? Perhaps it was someone in Texas' public higher education system upset with Perry for wanting the non-profit universities to run like for-profit corporations that sell consumer products?

Whatever the case, students with transcripts like his are definitely acquainted with prayer in the classroom.

Speaking of prayer, NPR's John Burnett did a piece for Morning Edition on Perry's controversial religious revival meeting scheduled for Saturday in Houston at the Reliant Center. It's an extraordinary move for a governor contemplating a White House run to be at the center of such an event. If Perry does announce a run, his revival meeting could become a big issue.

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